Like a softer second skin, for natural comfort anywhere.

Tired of constantly changing clothes while the seasons shift? Meet the Everyday Baselayer - crafted with a 100% natural blend of Alpaca & Eucalyptus fiber, and designed to provide a versatile layer of protection and breathable comfort. 

Don't be surprised when you actually see your body heat ventilating through the alpaca air-pockets. It's wild, and the cooling sensation after (thanks, eucalyptus) feels like a crisp breeze that hits at just the right time.

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Like no shirt you've ever worn.

Extremely soft & lightweight

Made with 100% natural fibers

Breathes & wicks moisture

Odor-resistant & durable

Adapts & regulates body heat

All natural comfort designed to keep up with you.

Experience the most versatile layers in the world made from the most dynamic natural fiber on the planet. 

BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF

Made For

Traveling, hiking, camping, climbing, working, walking, going outside.

Feels like

If your skin was way softer.


The word is out,
and the reviews are in.

"It's my first choice whenever I think about what to wear in the morning, because no matter what the day holds, it always keeps me comfortable." 

Joy P.

Ashland, OR

"As a mountain biker, I’ve tried many baselayers, and none have come close to the softness, lightweight, and packable qualities of this one. I wear one of mine almost every day."

Carlos R.

Oaxaca, MX

"I took this baselayer on a trip down to Peru, and it's the ultimate travel shirt. Always dry, no odor, and it kept me cool when the sun came out, then warm when it went down"

Nancy M.

Burlington, VT

BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF

All of our products are now made with Traceable Alpaca

Watch Video

See how the fiber in your gear can be traced back to the exact coordinates where it was sourced in the Andes Mountains.