How Our Choices Make a Difference

Plastic is among the most problematic pollutants affecting our ecosystem. The most pervasive and dangerous contaminants of this variety are called “microplastics” (less than five millimeters in diameter), which are created by the breakdown of synthetic materials that standard apparel is made of (the average amount of microplastics released by doing your laundry is over 9 million fibers / load).
Currently, 35% of all microplastics in the ocean come from washing synthetic textiles, with 2.2 million tons of new microfibers entering the environment each year. It’s now estimated that most humans consume a credit card’s weight of microplastics each week (5 grams).

To allow more people to experience the natural technology of alpaca fiber (at zero cost to you or the environment), we’ve partnered with EcoCart to make our new “Try Alpaca For Free” program entirely carbon neutral.

You can now order BREATHE by Paka™ hoodies and our Original Hoodie for $0 and take 5 days to decide if it’s for you.

Thank you for helping us move the apparel industry towards a microplastic-free future.

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