After spending a year working in South America, Kris Cody started Paka in 2016 after he traveled back home with a sweater - an Alpaca wool sweater. Kris had never seen or felt fabric like this before, and he knew it would make the perfect material for something extraordinary. Even his friends found the sweater so comfortable that they constantly asked him where they could find one too!

Inspired by the Peruvian woman who had sold him the sweater, Kris returned on a one-way flight to Cusco and trekked around Peru, eventually building a team of women weavers.

Our textiles are woven using a process called twining, in which threads of yarn are braided by hand.

Empowering Women

Twining is a centuries old South American craft, but most importantly it provides work opportunities and the ability transform communities! We work hard to make sure our customers know the difference they are making and when a Paka purchase is made, that purchase is changing lives across the hemisphere.

From sourcing the materials from local farmers, to using natural dyes, to empowering women weavers, our system works in synergy with nature, and we strive to be conscious of every part of it


The products we build, the experiences we create, all support a simple mission: Consumers and creators made equal.