Welcome to the Andes Mountains

Where alpaca fiber has evolved for millions of years

We make our clothing from one of the most dynamic materials in the world.

Where generations of knowledge come together

Learn about our team of Quechua weavers.

Where we work with nature to create earth-friendly apparel

Over the past five years, we've developed a fully circular and sustainable fabric called BREATHE.


"If there was one crucial wardrobe update to make this season, it would certainly be the shift from plastic to PAKA."

"...warmer, cozier, and lighter than their merino counterparts."

"Whenever he wore it back in the U.S., people admired it and... wanted one."

"It’s based in function, and seeing nature as a technology."

BREATHE by Paka™


Inca Collection

Original Hoodie

Welcome to Peru, home of the alpaca

Sebastian evolved in one of the most dynamic climates on Earth In the Andes Mountains, the temperature can vary over 75 degrees in a single day But that's no big deal for alpacas! Their fiber has naturally evolved to withstand these extremities, keeping them cozy in any environment

Paka was created to bring you closer to where your clothing comes from, what it's made of, and who made it. Nature holds all the answers we need, and through evolution has created the natural technology found in our materials today.

Preserving a tradition

We're working alongside 80+ Quechua women weavers to build an NGO that preserves the Inca traditions. Each of our products include a handwoven Inca ID that is made on a handloom in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Paka ambassadors

Cristina Mittermeier

is a renowned environmentalist, National Geographic Photographer, and co-founder of SeaLegacy. In her expeditions around the world, Cristina has been a first-hand witness to the impact of plastic on our environment

We are working to challenge other companies to take the opportunity to rethink their materials and their processes. Together, we have launched the Good Ocean (as you'll note in the footer), which is a community of businesses aligning to meet and exceed conservation best practices across their total supply chain to achieve ultimate ocean health

“If our game plan is to survive as a species, we need to start making decisions in a different way”

Cristina Mittermeier, SeaLegacy

"As I've traveled the world, I've seen how we've become lost in where the goods that we buy come from."

Leah Dawson, pro-surfer

"By far the warmest and lightest hoodie I've ever owned."

Lindsey Young, climber

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