Founded in Peru, our mission is to create natural, all-purpose clothing for people who love the outdoors. We’re doing this by innovating with alpaca fiber and other materials that are healthier for people and the planet, so that consumers can connect to our natural world, make more conscious choices, and support the communities where our products come from.

Our Journey


A backpacking trip through South America

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Gregoria teaches Kris the ancient Inca practice of making clothing from alpaca fiber

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The Mamani family of weavers help handmake our first Hoodie

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Kickstarter launches and exceeds goal by 1700%. Team in Peru quickly grows

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Legendary Quechua weaver, Nilda Callañaupa, joins forces to maintain Inca traditions by overseeing teams of women textile weavers

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Team heads down the West Coast for an alpaca tour with our two baby alpacas, Chaska and Luna

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BREATHE by Paka®, the first alpaca activewear, is launched in partnership with SeaLegacy

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Paka Scholars begins, providing full-ride University scholarships to 6 young Peruvian women

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Baby Pacha is born during alpaca yoga event

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Our first traceable alpaca hoodie releases, in partnership with AIA

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PAKAFILL®, the warmest ethical insulation on the market, is released to our community.


Our Team

Kris, Paka's founder, smiling and holding an alpaca

Kris Cody

Founder / CEO

Kris lives at the intersection between nature + science. He's an animal lover, the father of three baby alpacas and one stray dog from Perú.

Gisella smiling sitting in the grass

Gisella Garate

Head of Perú

Based in Lima, Gisella has 20+ years experience running the alpaca game across Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa. She has made every single Paka product traceable!

Bonie Shupe

VP Product

Bonie is an innovator with 10+ years experience pushing the boundaries of what’s possible using natural fibers. A high-shot-shooter in all aspects of her life, she runs distances that would challenge even our most athletic camelid friends.

Paris smiling together with Gisella eating a Peruvian Causa rellena

Paris Karstedt

Head of Communications

The incarnation of an ancient soul recently known to also inhabit Tinkerbell, Paris is actively growing her own pair of wings here at Paka.

Andrea Lenz

Head of Ops

A boiled-carrot aficionado from Lima, Andrea helps make sure everything runs smoothly between our communities across the Americas.

Victor wearing sunglasses and smiling with snowy mountains in the background

Victor Puchuri

Customer Happiness Manager

You've probably already talked with him, but Victor makes sure all our customers are taken care of. Based in Peru, he's always looking to take up new challenges.

Mellanie opening her arms in the top of a mountain

Mellanie Paredes

Head of Customer Happiness

Mellanie makes sure you're provided with exceptional, personal customer service. You can find her making a mess in her kitchen or getting muddy outside in her free time.

Averie and her dog smiling in the nature

Averie Floyd

Product Manager

Averie has been working with local artisans to produce textiles and apparel in Guatemala since 2014. She's originally from Colorado and loves getting out into the mountains.

Nilda, a legendary Quechua weaver smiling and wearing traditional Cusco garments

Nilda Callañaupa

Head of Weaving

Since 1996, Nilda has served as director of the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco or CTTC. A legendary weaver in her own right, Nilda's team is at the core of everything Paka creates.

Our Values

Work with the Earth to make a better planet.

Presence is power
Live with integrity
Take risks and see them through
Build the best product possible
Respect la Pachamama
Life's what you make it
A herd on alpacas
Kris, our founder, and a quechua family

Our Partners

Peruvian Hearts

1% of all sales are donated to provide scholarships to University for young women in Peru.

International Alpaca Association

1% of all sales goes towards improving the livelihoods of the farmers in Peru and regenerative alpaca practices.

Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco

We work with weaving communities in the Cusco region of Peru on a fair-trade basis to help preserve traditions and promote the weavers and their work.


As a founding member of the Good Ocean, Paka has partnered with Cristina Mittermeier to help turn the tide for the world's oceans.

B Corporation

As a Certified B Corp, Paka has been awarded Best For The World 2021 and 2022. We pledge to make business a force for good.

And more...

If you share our mission of working with the earth to make a better planet, drop us a note at for all partnership opportunities.
A group of Quechua weavers waving hands. In the grass it says "Paka" with alpaca fiber

Want to be a part of our journey?

If you love animals, going outside, and growing with your work, write to us with your CV at!