Just Rolled in: PAKACLOUD™

Testing 2x warmer than synthetics, meet the first alpaca polar fleece: soft on your skin and the environment.

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The current fleece market is 95% synthetic, shedding microplastics into our water supply with every wash. That’s why we've spent the past four years traveling around the world to develop PAKACLOUD™, now the most thermally efficient fleece on the market and made from Traceable Alpaca fiber.

The Journey

At some point in our recent history, fleece became synthetic. However, the definition and origin of the term 'fleece' means the woolly covering of an animal. 95% of current fleeces are now made from oil (polyester, acrylic, nylon), a non-renewable resource.

Our mission is to get more people wearing nature, and so our team began working to re-infuse the superior technology of natural alpaca fiber into a fleece material. Working with R&D experts in Taiwan, we devised the most thermally efficient fleece on the market, with more than double the warmth of any other fleece on the market. Warm as a sunbeam, tough as the trail, and light as a cloud, this fleece is as close as one can get to being an Alpaca: soft and cute, but highly rugged.


After nearly four years in development, we're ecstatic to announce the release of PAKACLOUD™ alongside a record-breaking warmth-to-weight ratio. The fleece tests more than 2x warmer than standard synthetic fleeces (via IDFL Laboratory and Institute). This leap forward is made possible through the extraordinary properties of alpaca fiber, which evolved in adaptation to the environmental extremes of the Andes Mountains to be both insulating and ventilating, moisture-wicking and naturally odor-resistant.

The innovation of PAKACLOUD™ is of great environmental significance. Traditional fleece is fully synthetic and dominates the apparel market. It contains millions of thin, delicate fibers that shed prolifically, with fleece shedding at 7,360 fibers/m⁻²/L per wash and non-fleece polyester shedding at 87 fibers/m⁻²/L, up to 250,000 microfibers in a single wash, making it the biggest source of water contamination in the apparel market. Meanwhile, PAKACLOUD™ uses fully Traceable Alpaca fiber, reducing the use of polyester, which means safer washes with less microplastics.

Paka’s alpaca fiber is fully traceable to its natural origins in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Each fleece comes with a QR code that you can scan to see exactly where the fiber was shorn, and each fleece supports the livelihoods of women artisans in Peru through a partnership with an NGO, CTTC, a Peruvian company working to improve the economic welfare of these Peruvian women artisans. Each piece features a bespoke handwoven Inca ID, certifying its authenticity.

The design of PAKACLOUD™ also supports environmental and economic wellbeing. Eco-friendly features include pullers made from corn, functional pockets, interior art, and our handwoven Inca ID. To avoid chafing, all PAKACLOUD™ fleeces are constructed with flatlock stitching. PAKACLOUD™ has been engineered alongside nature with alpaca fiber for ideal moisture-management, thermoregulation, and odor resistance, offering both warmth and breathability.

Core Functionalities:

1. Highest warmth-to-weight ratio - PAKACLOUD tested more than 2x warmer than any synthetic fleece on the market
2. Lightweight - alpaca fiber features hollow air pockets which not only make it incredibly thermoregulating it also makes the fabric light like a cloud and breathable.
3. Ultra-soft - you'll have a hard time finding a softer material than this one.
4. Odor-proof - ready for more consecutive days being worn than you can count on two hands.
5. Highly durable - ready to take you through brush with no snags or yarn being pulled out, due to the brushed construction of our fabric.

Design Features:

  • Comfortable stitching: Flatlock stitching throughout the garment eliminate any potential for chafing and discomfort 
  • Two zippered pockets: Front pockets for easy stashing of small items; minimal zippers for reduced bulk
  • Front zip: Quarter Zip to easily slip on and off 
  • Adjustable hem: With natural corn cord adjuster 
  • Handwoven Inca ID: Supporting the women of Peru each piece features a handcrafted traditional Inca ID on the back of the collar

Q&A with Leah Dawson

We sat down with pro-surfer and environmental activist, Leah Dawson, to get her perspective on microplastics and our new fleece.

Q: We're finding microplastics now in all corners of the ocean. As a surfer and environmentalist, what does this mean for you?
A: Plastic has become an overwhelming problem on our planet. As a surfer, I’ve seen microplastics on nearly every coastline I’ve been to. When I was a kid, I’d only find sea glass on the beach. Now it’s bits of plastic. And what’s scarier, is what we can’t see with the human eye. The micro and nano particles of plastic are how most of us are getting it into our bloodstreams. But it also is blanketing the ocean floor, as they are even finding plastic in sea salt and water now.

Q: What's your take on progress vs perfection with sustainable innovation?
A: The goal is to innovate and work away from plastic products. The realist in me recognizes that this can’t necessarily be an overnight shift. Development and innovation takes time, but the key part is intention towards solving the issue. I believe Paka is on an incredible path to help reinvent the fabric industry.

Q: What's your take on the Fleece after wearing it? How does it fit into your lifestyle?
A: The fleece feels like an instant furness! Literally, as soon as I slip it over my head after chilly surf, it feels like my body heat starts circulating around my core. The texture is beyond soft as well, making it the most cozy morning sweater I have. It also kept me dry when there was a light rain the other day. I’m excited to take it to the mountains as well, I feel like it can act as two layers for snowboarding because of its outstanding warmth.

"The solutions to our environmental issues are all around us in nature. We just have to pay attention and work in unison with nature instead of trample all over it in misconceived ownership." - Leah Dawson

"The solutions to our environmental issues are all around us in nature. We just have to pay attention and work in unison with nature instead of trample all over it in misconceived ownership." - Leah Dawson


We’re humbled to be able to offer you the PAKACLOUD™ fleece. As the first alpaca polar fleece, PAKACLOUD™ refuses to sacrifice technical function in achieving max environmental impact. It tests two times warmer than synthetic fleece, feels as soft as cashmere, and won’t hold odor on long treks. PAKACLOUD™ offers performance you can feel good about, your own personal cloud layer for the adventure of your life.

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