Unveiling Paka’s Performance 3/4 Crew Socks

We went all the way back to refining the yarn in Peru.

What does the ultimate trekking and biking sock look like? To answer that question, we went back to square one and created a completely new design from scratch, starting by asking our ambassadors who live the adventures that demand performance in every piece.

Our mountain bikers asked us to focus the padding more on the back of the heel and ankle, where their technique produces the most friction. Our hikers requested a sock that wouldn’t slip down — even after days on the trails.

That’s exactly what we’ve done to create the ultimate athletic crew sock, made to redefine your comfort zone: the Performance 3/4 Crew Socks, knit with the finest alpaca yarn we’ve ever made and precision-engineered to keep up with you.

“These socks have become my go-to when backpacking. They’re super comfortable and the compression is perfect for hours and hours on the trail.”

- Jose M., Mountaineer

“We went all the way back to refining the yarn in Peru, creating a much finer thread count that would knit into a high-compression rib. We went through probably 15-20 prototypes, sending them out on treks until the sock encompassed everything our community needed.”
- Kris Cody, CEO & Founder

“We went all the way back to refining the yarn in Peru, creating a much finer thread count that would knit into a high-compression rib. We went through probably 15-20 prototypes, sending them out on treks until the sock encompassed everything our community needed.”
- Kris Cody, CEO & Founder

From there, we enhanced compression, created a ribbed calf for grip (no more slip), fashioned new meshes for breathability, and adjusted padding placement to create a lighter and more durable sock.

“Using the Paka socks has been phenomenal, I love the simple and elegant design, the way they adapt to my skin and accommodate my feet when riding a bike. They are soft and do not leave marks. More than perfect!”

- Rosa, Peru National Mountain Biking Champ

Design Features:

At the core of our Performance 3/4 Crew Socks lies our commitment to elevating comfort and natural performance. Every section of these socks has been meticulously designed to support intense movement and provide unrivaled comfort.

‣ We've designed a snug rib-knit design, ensuring they stay securely in place even while scrambling up a slope or launching off a ramp on the trail..

‣ We've also introduced a breathable mobility mesh on the top of the foot where it meets the ankle, taking ventilation to the next level, ensuring your feet stay fresh, and comfortable.

‣ To safeguard your feet, we’ve strategically positioned padding in the zones most prone to impact, including the back of the heel, preserving your foot's comfort and security.

‣ We've also included a ribbed arch for enhanced support, providing targeted compression where it matters most, allowing you to cover mile after mile with happy feet.

‣ As with all our socks, we’ve maintained a seamless toe to ensure a barely-there feel while eliminating any rubbing or discomfort that might disrupt your stride.

“No he conocido calcetas mas suaves y funcionales que las de Paka, las llevo conmigo a montar bici, a caminar en las montanas y a escalar en las rocas. Lo mejor de todo es que se mantienen siempre frescas y sin olor.”

- Carlos, Outdoor Adventure Guide

Translation: "I have never used such soft and functional socks before. I take them on my mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing adventures. The best part is that they always keep fresh with no odor."

Why Alpaca Fiber:

Design is nothing without material; while these socks are architected to maximize performance, the alpaca fiber they’re made from provides the basis for our design features to work to their fullest effect.. Here's why alpaca fiber is a game-changer:

Moisture-wicking and Odor-proof:
Alpaca fiber wicks moisture, surpassing all known natural fibers. Typical wool varieties retain moisture at levels between 16% and 20%, but alpaca fiber more than halves that, holding an imperceptible 8% and ensuring consistently dry feet. Dampness isn’t just uncomfortable; it also serves as a bacterial breeding ground, inducing those unwelcome odors. The good news is that in addition to being moisture-wicking, alpaca fiber is also naturally antimicrobial, so they prevent any insults to our nose, allowing us to wear them confidently for extensive treks of many consecutive days.

Breathable and Thermoregulating:
To survive the enormous temperature fluctuations of the harsh Andes mountains (from scorching to subfreezing with changing elevation), alpaca fur evolved unique, hollow air pockets in its fibers, producing innate breathability and temperature regulation. This ingenious evolutionary design that allows alpacas to thrive in all conditions also makes these socks breathable, promoting optimal air circulation around your feet and preventing overheating.

Soft and Hypoallergenic:
Not only is alpaca fiber notoriously soft, but it also minimizes the risk of chafing or irritation — even on 10-day backcountry treks. And it’s hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin or those who just can’t stand itchy wool socks.

Lightweight yet Resilient:
Mother nature made alpaca fiber truly multi-functional. In addition to all of the above, alpaca is 3x lighter than Merino. Its featherweight quality enhances overall athletic performance by eliminating the bulk commonly associated with other sock materials. At the same time, it’s capable of withstanding the rigors of the wild with a tensile strength of 50 N/ktex. alpaca fiber’s unrivaled durability significantly means you’ll need fewer pairs (not to mention our lifetime guarantee), making them a smart investment.

In Conclusion

The new Performance Crew 3/4 Socks, crafted with alpaca fiber, set a new pinnacle for athletic footwear. Tested and approved by marathon runners, mountain bikers, and professional athletes alike, these socks are a testament to the power of natural technology. Get ready to redefine your comfort zone and enjoy your next adventure with unbeatable comfort, durability, and performance.

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