Sustainability, Cubed

We upcycled leftover fabric from our outerwear production, creating the ultimate packing cube to help you bring more nature along. Releases Thursday, 9am PT.

In an industry often charged with “greenwashing” — exaggerating your sustainability to mislead eco-conscious consumers — we’re committed to taking a hard look at the environmental impact of our pieces at every phase of the production cycle, accounting for every last fiber of potential waste.

The 2022 launch of our PAKAFILL® puffer represented our step into the functional outdoor space. As a layer that’s meant to keep you safe from harsh conditions while also being light and packable, a puffer is a highly technical and difficult piece of apparel to design and create. By the end of production, we were thrilled with the result, but realized the reality of “deadstock” fabric from cut and sew production — leftover, unusable material.

It’s standard practice to dispose of this type of leftover material, sending it off to sit in a landfill, where it risks contaminating nearby land, water, and air — but we were determined to find a way to do better by Pachamama. And that’s where the idea for our first-ever packing cube emerged. In some ways, it was a no-brainer, the durable water-resistant deadstock proved ideal for travel organization.

Recycled Material, Radical Possibilites

We’re excited to introduce these first Upcycled Packing Cubes. They represent a bold step towards a sustainable future by upcycling leftover materials from previous productions, showcasing the potential for companies to minimize waste in the fashion industry.

"As a small and bootstrapped company, we are highly aware of every input we use, and the downstream impact it makes. I am so proud of our team for continuing to challenge the norm; in this case, turning scraps into a lifetime product. I take the cube anywhere I go now." says PAKA founder Kris Cody. These cubes are designed for travelers living an active and versatile life, seeking efficient organization.

The Packing Cube’s 2-pack configuration offers ample space to neatly arrange multiple items, ensuring hassle-free packing. When not in use, the cubes can be fully compressed to maximize luggage space, making them adaptable to any journey. Constructed from water-resistant material, they’re super easy to clean and provide protection against leaks and spills, enhancing their durability and convenience.

Packed with Thoughtful Details

Eco-conscious, smart, and made to last, the Packing Cube embodies PAKA's ethos, with each cube featuring a signature hand-woven Inca ID strap for effortless, personalized carrying or attachment to backpacks with a carabiner. With a thoughtful two-sided design, each packing cube boasts a mesh pocket for easy visibility on one side and a fully covered pocket for privacy on the other.

And on the inside, you’ll also find a touch of art: The interior of each cube is inscribed with a poem that serves as a gentle reminder of conscious living, emphasizing the significance of finding creative ways to repurpose materials for sustainability. These packing cubes are a 3D symbol of PAKA's commitment to environmental responsibility while elevating travel organization to new heights. So you can travel with ease and peace of mind, knowing not only that your gear is sustainable, but that it’s smartly and securely organized in a way that’s sustainable too.

Product Features

  • Mesh pocket for ease of visibility
  • Interior poem reminds us of our connection with nature
  • Custom, handwoven Inca ID for handle
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Taped interior seams for durability and clean finish
  • Tear-away care label
  • Holds 3.65 cubic liters (10" x 7.5" x 3")


At Paka, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to reduce waste and maximize sustainability so that you can immerse yourself in our natural world in the most comfortable and ethical way. Our new Upcycled Packing Cube adds a dimension of function and sustainability to your trip, so not only is your gear eco-conscious, but the way you pack it is too.

We can't wait to hear about the adventures you go on with it, and how it helps make your traveling easier.

The limited batch will release Thursday (May 2nd), 9am PT.

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