Yes, seriously - there's a reason they've won more awards than you can count on two feet. These pairs can cover multiple marathons over a month without a wash and still never smell, due to the naturally odor-proof and anti-microbial properties of the Traceable Alpaca fiber woven into every micro-ventilating stitch.

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Over 100,000 very happy feet.


“These were the softest socks I tested this season. I wore them for three days in a row, and they still didn’t smell. Alpaca might just be the secret ingredient we didn’t know we needed.”

- Kelly Klein, Outside

"They didn’t move a bit on a hike up Mt. Madison during a thunderstorm. I had no troubles with hot spots on the climb and no complaints about cold, wet feet even though they were soaked.”

- Jeff Dengate, Runners World

"Not only are these socks soft and fluffy, but the alpaca fiber naturally thermoregulates through changing conditions, keeping your feet comfortable whether it's hot or cold"

- Amelia Arvesen, Men's Journal

Meet the last pairs you'll ever need.

Guaranteed for life, because they're made from the most durable & dynamic natural fiber on the planet. If you somehow CAN find a way to wear these down, we'll replace them for free.


Made For

Running, biking, hiking, walking across the entire world in one pair (or three).

Feels like

Wearing cushiony clouds on your feet.

What's so different about alpaca socks?

Alpaca Socks

Fully odor-proof (seriously)

Wick moisture & dry fast

Adapt to regulate temperature

Made with Traceable Alpaca

Guaranteed for life

Normal Socks

Laundry basket stink bombs

Collect sweat and stay wet

Are uncomfortably hot or cold

Made with unnatural materials

Replace them all the time

Made with Fully Traceable Alpaca

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See how the fiber in your gear can be traced back to the exact coordinates where it was sourced in the Andes Mountains.