The Fiber Of The Gods

4 fun facts about the smartest natural material in the world.

The ancient Inca people treasured alpacas and their coats, bestowing upon them the honorary title of "Fiber of the Gods."

To understand why, we've outlined four key facts about the most dynamic natural material on earth: alpaca fiber.

Ultra Soft & Light

Adaptive Comfort

Wicks Moisture

Zero Odor

1. It's soft, light, and hypoallergenic.

Alpaca fiber is celebrated for its extraordinary texture, surpassing the softness of cashmere while remaining lighter than merino wool. The fabric is gentle on your skin, wrapping you in a cozy, alpaca-hug embrace without the weight or itchiness that other materials can cause.

2. It breathes & adapts to the climate

Alpaca fiber has hollow air pockets, boasting impressive thermoregulation properties, adapting to your body's needs and responding to your environment. Alpacas evolved at 14,000 feet, where temperatures can shift between 20 and 90 degrees in a single day, so their fiber has evolved to make sure they (and you) are never too hot, and never too cold. 

3. It's odor-proof & anti-microbial

Bad odors and bacteria don't stand a chance against alpaca fiber. This extraordinary material is naturally antimicrobial and odor-proof, keeping you feeling and smelling fresh for days at a time. Seriously - we challenge you to make it stink! 

4.  It wicks sweat & stays dry

Alpaca fiber outperforms both merino and synthetics when it comes to moisture management. Its natural sweat wicking and water resistant properties provide fast-drying comfort for whether you're battling sweat or a cup of coffee that just slipped out of your hand.

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The reviews are in...

“Wore for three days in a row and never smelled. Alpaca might just be the secret ingredient we didn't know we needed" 

“Alpaca is 3x lighter than sheep wool and handwoven in Peru by women artisans, it's soft on your skin, and soft on the Earth.”

"The softest shirt you’ll ever own from a company that’s highlighting traceable alpaca and supporting local farmers & weavers"