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Handwoven Quechua Bracelet 3-Packs

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When you purchase a Paka product, you are supporting 150+ women artisans in Peru

Why you'll love this

  • 100% of profits go directly to the weavers
  • Adjustable slider made of corn
  • Traditional Inca designs
  • Natural dyes


Hand-woven by woman artisans. Made start to finish in Peru with natural dye.

  • For
    Threading a global bond between our community and our team of weavers in Peru.
  • Material
    Alpaca fiber + Corn slider

100% of all profits from every pack go directly to the Quechua weavers.

Two quechua women weaving a bracelet

A quechua woman smiling in her traditional costumes

A group of quechua weavers smiling and showing an alpaca bracelet

The weavers of Tauca have captured the essence of Pacha (the earth) in their weaving with motifs of the “Kuti” (a tool for the potatoes), the “Challaypu” (the lagoons), and the “Mayo Q’enqo” (the river). These designs are a testament to the inseparable bond that the Quechuan people share with nature. In Chahuaytiri, the artisans have represented the ‘Nawi’ or ‘eye’ in their design, a mystical symbol of wisdom and understanding. And from Patabamba, the weavers bring to life the image of Tankayllu (the Andean fly known as the Tankachurucha), encapsulating the vibrant Inca history that is profoundly intertwined with nature.

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Paka in the wild

A man wearing an alpaca bracelet looking at a mineral blue lake
A smiling woman holding a cup of coffee and wearing an alpaca bracelet in front of a beautiful lake
Tying an alpaca bracelet by a lake
a man wearing our bracelets holding a coffee cup
A man holding a camera. In his right hand, he wears an alpaca bracelet
A man wearing two alpaca bracelets in his right hand. He's looking at a mineral blue lake and the mountains

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A cute alpaca

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